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6000W ABP Welding Fiber Laser


Raycus 2020's new-generation variable beam laser RFL-ABP (Adjustable Beam Profile) fills the gap in domestic fiber laser beam mode adjustable technology. Using the customized optical fiber combiner developed by Raycus, different modes of output such as Gaussian spot, ring spot, mixed spot, etc. can be realized, which can be switched at will according to processing requirements. At the same time, the power of the fiber core and the ring core can be adjusted independently to achieve any power ratio between the fiber core and the ring core. Meeting the needs of high-quality laser cutting and welding has become another weapon to improve processing quality and efficiency.
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Characteristics Of 6000W ABP Welding Fiber Laser

Technical characteristics
  • Full fiber structure, stable and reliable
  • The optical module is independently coupled into the core layer and ring core layer of the output fiber
  • The power of the core/ring core can be adjusted independently, and the power switching time is short (on the order of milliseconds)
  • With waveform editing function
Optical Properties
  • Analog response time: ≤100μs
  • Total output power: 12000W
  • Center power: 6000W
  • Ring power: 6000W
  • Core diameter: 50/100μm
  • Ring core diameter: 150/300μm
  • Center beam quality: ≤2.5/5 mm×mrad
  • Annular beam quality: ≤9/18 mm×mrad
Output characteristics
  • Output cable length: 20m (customizable)
Advantages of circular spot processing
  • Power of center spot and ring spot
  • Independently adjustable welding
  • Spatter-free weld seam formation is stable and consistent
  • The molten pool is larger and more stable, and the temperature gradient is small

Application of 6000W ABP Welding Fiber Laser RFL-ABP

  • Lithium battery industry
  • Electronic Component
  • Car manufacturer

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