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Quasi-Continuous Fiber Laser Series

The Quasi-Continuous Fiber Laser Series developed by Raycus ranges from 75W to 600W, with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, better optical quality and lower maintenance cost. This series product is a perfect alternative of existing light-pumped YAG laser and is an ideal choice for spot welding, seam welding, boring and other industrial applications needing wide pulse and high peak due to its diversified compatibility and the convenience for most YAG systems to use it with simple transformation.


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Technical Feature

Raycus has a number of R&D teams with outstanding innovation ability and it can meet diversified demands of the customers for this series product to the greatest extent and provide specialized customized services. At present, the laser may be of QCS or QBH output connector, air cooling or water cooling mode and has many control modes, with a good compatibility widely recognized by the market.

High electro-optical conversion efficiency> 30%

Two work modes: continuous and pulse

Extremely stable output performance

Excellent light beam quality

Optional QCS / QBH output connector and output length

Technical Parameters
Product Application