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6000W Welding Fiber Laser

Raycus high-power fiber laser with shutter can make a laser perform cutting, welding, drilling and cladding at the same time, and the switching of equipment power and transmission fiber only takes a few milliseconds. It can significantly reduce the user's investment cost for equipment and improve processing efficiency.
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Characteristics Of 6000W Welding Fiber Laser

Advantages of shutter technology
  • Single channel coupler, 2 or 4 way time sharing fiber to fiber switch
  • Coupling efficiency ≥96%
  • Short switching time, <45ms
  • Fast fiber fuse protection
  • Equipped with safe mechanical, electrical, control and monitoring systems
  • The beam switching device is reliable and can achieve hundreds of thousands of consecutive times
Optical characteristics
  • Shutter type: single, 2 and 4 channels
  • Maximum power: 12kW
Output characteristics
  • Input core diameter: 100μm
  • Output core diameter: 200-1000μm
  • Maximum NA: 0.14
  • Coating high transmittance: 1030-1090nm
  • Fiber interface type: QBH/QD
Other characteristics
  • Cooling method: water cooling

Application of 6000W Welding Fiber Laser RFL-C6000H

  • Car body welding

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