Industrial fiber laser


With the continuous development of social production and the continuous progress of industrial processing technology, laser cutting technology is also developing and progressing rapidly, and its application in sheet metal processing is becoming more and more extensive and playing an important role. Traditional sheet metal processing includes cutting, blanking, and bending processes. The blanking process requires a large number of molds, which wastes a lot of time and capital costs. Laser cutting is an efficient and high-quality flexible proces
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Car Manufacturer

Automobile lightweight has become a hot spot pursued by market consumers, and the important trend of future development is lightweight body. With the development of the whole vehicle in the direction of light weight, new materials, new structures, and new processes continue to emerge, and laser processing technology will set off a new upsurge. Raycus has related advantages in the design and development, customization, efficient application and cost reduction measures of fiber laser products. Laser processing will significantly improve the proce
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Rail traffic

In order to meet the needs of the leap-forward development of the locomotive and rolling stock industry, the domestic railway passenger car and urban rail vehicle manufacturing industry is also actively carrying out comprehensive technical equipment transformation and product technical upgrades. The application of laser processing technology in the manufacturing of urban rail vehicles includes welding, cutting, surface modification of key parts, marking, rapid prototyping, perforation and micro processing. Laser processing technology is the mos
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Power Battery

In the context of the power battery industry of "reducing costs and increasing efficiency", reducing costs and improving quality will be the core proposition for enterprises in the electric vehicle and power battery industry chain. With more than ten years of technology accumulation, Raycus has developed and customized fiber laser products and solutions for different needs for laser applications for intelligent manufacturing of power batteries. With the acceleration of the import substitution process of domestic fiber lasers and the continuous(
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Laser welding in hardware and bathroom products has a high aspect ratio, weld width, heat affected zone, small deformation, and fast welding speed; the weld is smooth and beautiful, no treatment or simple processing procedures are required after welding, and the weld strength is high ; It can be precisely controlled and easy to realize automation; it can realize welding between some dissimilar materials. Laser marking on hardware sanitary products has good permanent, strong activity, safety and environmental protection, simple operation and wid
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3C Electronic

As a new type of technology, laser has the characteristics of high accuracy, fast speed, and no damage to the substrate. In the production process of 3C products, laser technology has played a significant role in optimizing product volume and improving quality. At present, technologies such as laser welding, laser removal, laser cutting, and laser marking are widely used in the 3C field. Therefore, as the demand of the application market for 3C electronic products continues to increase, the innovation and progress of high-precision, refined cut
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The advertising packaging industry has a large number of metal advertising characters cutting and welding processes. Due to the wide variety of fonts, various personalized customizations prevail in this industry. Laser cutting and the newly launched handheld laser welding have unique advantages in small batches of personalized customization, saving mold costs, while bringing high-quality processing results and ultra-high processing efficiency, adding new impetus to the advertising packaging industry. At the same time, high-quality laser engravi
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