To feel the summer passion with Raycus at the grand laser feasts in Wuxi
Date:2020-07-03Source:Original article


Wuxi Raycus Open Day


On July 1, 2020, the Open Day of Raycus Pulsed Production Base was successfully held in Wuxi. Representatives of more than 200 partners from the domestic laser industry were invited to visit and attend the welcome dinner.

Raycus demonstrated its perseverance in improving product quality, continuously pursuing the dream of laser, and continuously marching towards the ranks of the world's leading laser companies.


Subsequently, Dr. Lu Kunzhong expressed that Wuxi Raycus is committed to integrating all relevant talents, and the core technology, strive to build a domestic and international first-class fiber laser research and development, production, testing and application process center, laying the foundation for the long-term development of the Raycus laser industry.



Raycus and many partners take this open day as an opportunity to enhance each other and develop together, achieve win-win through cooperation, and create a wonderful future.


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