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Date:2021-01-12Source:Original article

coming! After-sales unified hotline

In order to meet the needs of our customers and provide customers with higher service quality, Raycus Laser launched a unified national after-sales service hotline. Whether it is machine maintenance consultation or machine after-sales support, as long as you call our unified hotline, we will do the rest!



(Fixed phones and mobile phones can be dialed, professional after-sales engineers are waiting for you online)


online! After-sales service applet

Enjoy more convenient after-sales service. In addition to the 400 hotlines, the after-sales service of Raycus WeChat applet terminal is also fully upgraded in the new year!


I don’t know who to contact after the sale.

Telephone contact, inconvenient to record information?反馈后的处Can't get it in time?

The repair progress cannot be tracked after the repair is reported, and the repair status is not clear?


Say goodbye to the traditional way

Raycus after-sales service

Full "heart" upgrade


In order to better serve the majority of users, Raycus Laser will open the WeChat after-sales service applet in the new year. A more convenient and faster way to improve the efficiency of after-sales service, bid farewell to the non-reported repairs of the dead, and make the after-sales process more efficient and transparent.


Online repair, submit information with one click

Progress query, the process is more transparent

Intelligent dispatch, trigger docking quickly

Complete evaluation, improve feedback experience

(This service applet is currently only for integrator users, end users can contact your integrator to view the after-sales process)

Whether it’s a hotline or a small program

More ways, better service

Ours is timelier and caring

Let you buy at ease and use at ease

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