8000W HP-Series Multi-Module Fiber laser

The HP series Multi-module CW Fiber Lasers developed by Raycus ranges from 4,000W to 40000W, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high light beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, high reliability, long service life, maintenance-free operation and advantages. The product can be widely applied in welding, precision cutting, melting and cladding, surface processing, 3Dprinting and other fields. Its optical output performance helps it better integrate with robots as a flexible manufacturing equipment to meet 3D processing requirement.
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Characteristics Of 8000W HP-Series Multi-Module Fiber laser

Technical characteristics
  • High Electro-optical Conversion Efficiency
  • Customized Output Fiber Length
  • Output cable:QBH
  • Maintenance-free Operation
  • Wide Modulation Frequency Range
  • High power instability
  • Multiple anti-high reflection mechanisms
  • Various control methods, hard wire and bus control interface
  • High safety standards, meet the requirements of CE, PLD certification
  • Intelligent monitoring capabilities signal monitoring of visible light, reflection beam, and beam leaked, and real-time control of status
  • Better performance in industrial applications: more efficient and precise.
Optical Properties
  • Average output power: (W): 8000
  • Central wavelength: (nm): 1080±5
  • Maximum modulation frequency: (kHz): 5
  • Output power instability: ±1.5%
  • Red laser: Yes
Output characteristics
  • Output connector: QD (customizable)
  • output fiber core diameter (μm): 100 (customizable)
  • BPP(mm.nrad)≤4
  • polarization state: random
  • output fiber length (m): ≤30
Electronic control characteristics
  • Input power (V AC ): 360~510, Three Phase-four Wire Connect
  • Control mode: Ethernet, Devicenet, Profinet, Profbus
  • Power adjustment range (%): 10-100
Other characteristics
  • Dimensions (mm ): 900*960*1160(handle included)
  • Weight (kg): <400
  • Cooling method: water cooling
  • Working temperature (℃ ): 10-40

Application of 8000W HP-Series Multi-Module Fiber laser RFL-C8000M-HP

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Cladding
  • 3D Printing/Sintering
  • Surface Treatment

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