Raycus' 20KW Passed the Acceptance
Date:2018-10-19Source:Original article

Raycus' 20KW Passed the Acceptance


Started by Raycus, “The 20KW Fiber Laser and Related Core Devices R&D” project has successfully passed the acceptance of experts from the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province in October 17th , 2018.


Project Acceptance Meeting


This project was raised as the major project of technological innovation in Hubei Province. It started on June 1, 2016 and was implemented for two years. In the first year, the project team developed a 20/400μm large core diameter erbium-doped fiber for the use in a 1.5kW single-module fiber laser unit, and at the same time completed the finalization of the fiber, achieving import substitution; and developed high Power fiber signal combiner sample. The next year, based on the results of the previous year's project, the 1.5kW single-mode laser was finished; the development and testing of the 20kW fiber-optic signal combiner and the integration and testing of the 20kW fiber laser was completed.


Dr Yan Dapeng and Experts Attending the Acceptance


To be the first Chinese company to achieve 20KW, Raycus has filled the domestic gap, made a great technological breakthrough on this product as well as consolidating the leading position of domestic industrial high-power fiber lasers market.

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