【Ray | video】Laser Quenching Process for Mask Mould
Date:2020-05-13Source:Original article

In the #epidemic prevention & control Battle, masks have become an Integral part of our day to day Lives. As the core component of #KN95 mask pressing, the equipment used – the hob cutter mold affects the quality & production efficiency of masks to a large extent.

Traditionally, #mask knife molds are strengthened by vacuum heat treatment and subsequent finishing in this process generally takes a lot of time.

Compared with the traditional method, the mask machine hob #quenching, laser quenching is undoubtedly a more advanced & #safe process.

  1. After #laser quenching, the heat affected area is small, the speed is fast, the edge is not damaged, and there is almost no deformation. The hardness is 55 to 60 HRC, which can save subsequent processing and the finishing time is less than one-fifth of the original.


  1. Increased efficiency while improving the hardness of the knife edge and tooth surface, the knife edge maintains good toughness, prolongs the life of the machine, and improves the cutting efficiency, thereby ensuring the quality and yield of the mask.

In addition to quenching, lasers can be seen everywhere in the field of anti-epidemic in applications such as #cutting, #welding, #marking, etc.

‘Noble Laser Light without smoke is helping us to Fight Together with this deadly #Corona Virus.

We Raycus believe in contributing to the Society with a Ray of Light with our High-End Lasers J’.



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