【Decrypted Welding Weapon】Raycus new RFL-ABP welding fiber laser
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How to break through the technical bottleneck of laser welding

Meet the stringent application requirements of manufacturing

Raycus 2020 new generation beam adjustable fiber laser

RFL-ABP (Adjustable Beam Profile)

It is another welding weapons.





Raycus 2020's new generation of adjustable beam laser RFL-ABP (Adjustable Beam Profile) fills the gap in domestic fiber laser beam mode adjustable technology. Using the customized optical fiber combiner developed by Raycus, different modes of output such as Gaussian spot, circular spot, and mixed spot can be realized, which can be switched at will according to processing requirements. Meanwhile, the power of the fiber core and the ring core can be adjusted independently to achieve any power ratio between the fiber core and the ring core. Meet the needs of high-quality laser cutting and welding, and become a processing tool to improve quality and efficiency.





In order to obtain better keyhole and molten pool stability, reduce spatter during welding and smoother weld seams, Raycus launched a beam adjustable high-power fiber laser. This laser can obtain an open and stable keyhole during the welding process, effectively suppressing the generation of spatter, and improving the quality, effect and flexibility of welding applications.



RFL-ABP technical advantages

1. Full fiber structure, stable and reliable;

2. The optical module is independently coupled into the core layer and ring core layer of the output fiber;

3. The power of the core/ring core can be adjusted independently, and the power switching time is short (on the order of milliseconds);

4. With waveform editing function.



Advantages of circular spot processing

1. The power of the center spot and the ring spot can be adjusted independently;

2. No spatter in welding;

3. The welding seam is formed stable and has good consistency;

4. The molten pool is larger and more stable, and the temperature gradient is small.





Schematic diagram of ABP ring spot


The core/ring core can be adjusted at any power and independently


Wider molten pool and smoother weld




Annular spot 2+4kW

100+300μm core diameter








Conventional 6kW

100μm core diameter

Application field


Lithium battery industry

Electronic Component

Car manufacturer



Welding of square battery seal



Module welding-soft connection welding




Module welding-Busbar welding


Module welding-side plate welding




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