【Advanced manufacturing technology】The role of laser additive manufacturing
Date:2020-12-29Source:Original article


The field of laser applications continues to expand, and the needs of the laser processing market are more diverse. In addition to cutting, welding, and cleaning, the laser additive manufacturing process represented by 3D printing and cladding has become a new application hot spot, which can be widely used in aerospace, rail transit and other fields.


Fiber lasers have many advantages due to their excellent beam quality, easy system integration, strong reliability and maintenance-free. Fiber lasers can easily manufacture printed parts with excellent dimensional accuracy and fine resolution, and can use the advantages of flexible fiber processing to perform laser cladding and surface alloying processing on the narrow inner wall diameter.






Laser cladding application 




Ultra-high-speed laser cladding applications 







Laser 3D printing applications


With the introduction of "Made in China 2025" and "Additive Manufacturing Promotion Plan", the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry has become an important development direction in the future, and additive manufacturing will also play an important role in it. In recent years, additive manufacturing has rapidly increased globally, and has been widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical, mold, and industrial fields, and has become a good complement to traditional manufacturing.

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