Breakthrough in localization, Raycusprovides better solutions for the lithium battery field
Date:2021-03-22Source:Original article

CIBF2021 The 14th China International Battery Technology Exchange Conference/Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from March 19-21.



At present, new energy vehicles have become the main direction of the transformation and development of the global automobile industry and an important engine for the continuous growth of the world economy.

Fiber lasers are essential for many different production and manufacturing processes in the new energy industry, including the manufacture of electric drive systems for batteries and motors. For example, welding, cleaning, cutting, marking, etc., are achieved using fiber lasers with power ranging from tens of watts to several kilowatts.

With the continuous improvement of the performance of domestic lasers and the need for large-scale manufacturing of power batteries to reduce costs, the opportunity for domestic fiber lasers to replace imports has arrived.

Raycus brought many fiber laser products used in the field of new energy vehicles to the 7T060 booth. It is an excellent opportunity for information exchange and solution communication for visitors who are concerned about the application of laser in the field of power battery welding.


RFL-ABP adjustable beam profile  fiber laser

The self-developed ABP Fiber Laser developed nationwide. Following its launch last year, Raycus released a number of models with different power ratios this year to meet the various welding needs of the lithium battery industry and the automobile manufacturing industry.



●5 different light spot combinations

● Using multi-core fiber independently developed by Raycus, independent adjustment of core power and ring core power

● Almost no splashes during welding

●The surface of the weld is smoother and smoother, and the penetration depth is deeper, and the molten pool is wider

● The sealing and welding speed of prismatic battery can reach 350mm/s, the speed is increased by 43%, and the sealing and welding time of cylindrical battery is about 0.9s/piece

● The welding of the adapter piece can achieve a welding speed of 150mm/s, and the welding seam width> 2mm

● Welding of the side plate of the module, the welding speed exceeds 80mm/s, and the connection width of the overlapping surface of the overlap welding joint> 2mm


High-power Fiber Laser with Shutter

The Raycus laser booth also exhibited a high-power fiber laser with a shutter, which can meet the need for multiple stations to share a laser, save procurement costs for enterprises, and is suitable for welding of new energy automobile bodies;

● The high-power split time gate independently developed by Raycus is currently available in three forms: single-channel, 2-channel and 4-channel

● The single-channel coupler adopts a pluggable design, which can quickly replace the faulty transmission optical cable

● Two-way and four-way light gates can meet the need for multiple stations to share one laser, saving purchase costs for enterprises

● Coupling effect ≥96%, short switching time <45ms, with fast fiber fuse protection and safe mechanical, electrical, control and monitoring system, switching life can reach hundreds of thousands of times

●Fast analog response, square wave, triangle wave and sine wave three commonly used analog response time are less than 100us

● Realize the waveform editing function, the user can edit arbitrary waveforms through the host computer software, and can store up to 100 waveforms

●Power slow rise and slow fall function, the power rise and fall time can be set between 1-10000ms, which greatly improves the welding quality at the corners of the weld

● The hard-wired interface of the laser can be connected with PLC (program logic controller) to provide rich interactive signals, suitable for application scenarios of fully automated production


The global new round of power battery capacity expansion releases huge market demand for lithium battery materials and equipment, and domestic lithium battery equipment is ushering in new development opportunities and challenges.



New energy power battery welding sample

With the domestic fiber laser ushering in the opportunity of large-scale substitution of imports in the power battery field, Raycus Laser develops and customizes fiber laser products and solutions suitable for different needs for the laser application of the intelligent manufacturing of power batteries. With the continuous development of laser technology and technology, Raycus will definitely provide better solutions for the lithium battery field, reducing production costs for electric vehicle manufacturers, and improving production efficiency and quality.

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