Come with Raycus to the 2018 Laser World of Photonics India
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Come with Raycus to the 2018 Laser World of Photonics India



With September reaching to its end, the Asian annually held big laser event, Laser World of Photonics India has come closer to reveal its veil.

每年9月,印度都会举行一年一度的 Laser World of Photonics India,随着中秋的到来,今年的印度慕尼黑光电展也即将揭开她的面纱。


About the Exhibition

As an reflection of the expanding Indian laser market, the 2018 Laser World of Photonics India is bigger than ever with not only larger place but also diverse technologies and products.



Date: 26th to 28th September 2018

Address: LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA, Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bangalore, India

Official website:



地址: 印度班加罗尔国际会展中心


2017 Exhibition Scene CC: LWOP INDIA

Exhibition Focus

This year, visitors can expect to meet over 160 exhibitors who will be showcasing various low-to-high-power fiber lasers, cutting-edge laser and optical technologies as well as components and complete laser systems. More than 8,000 trade visitors will attend the trade fair by then.

今年的印度慕尼黑光电展,有超过160家参展商,他们将展示各种低功率,高功率光纤激光器,先进的激光和光学技术以及组件和完整的激光系统。 届时将有超过8,000名专业观众参加。

Our Stand Info

Raycus stall is in Hall 2 , Lower Level, Booth 2431-1



Focus on Raycus


Raycus is going to present the 6KW Multi Module CW Fiber Laser in overseas market for the first time. Our Pulsed Fiber Laser Series, Single CW Fiber Laser Series and QCW Fiber Laser Series will also be on the show as well as our new version trailer.




The 6KW CW Fiber Laser.


September 26th to 28th , we are looking forward to have a special reunion with you in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.


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