【Rayclass | 锐课堂】The Birth of a Christmas Tree
Date:2018-12-24Source:Original article

Christmas was approaching, and Christmas trees have been decorated all over the world. However, how can you attract everyone without any ingenuity?




This time, Rayclass will show you how we connect this symbolized figure with with our laser products. 

This time we prepared three Christmas trees, using the magical power of laser deepening, color marking, and cutting technology to present the Christmas tree.

Firstly, find a pattern of one good looking Christmas tree.

Emm, that one seems to be very nice.……

Secondly, using professional graphics software, such as CorelDRAW, to make corresponding vector graphics, and assign various appropriate parameters to the vector graphics. 

After a series of technical preparations work are completed, we will prepare a variety of tools for operation. Laser is essential, protective glasses and masks should not be forgotten as well.

However, the samples are not finished products, and it is necessary to constantly adjust the coordination and parameters of various hardware and software so that we can achieve better results;






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