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华南国际智能制造、先进电子及激光技术博览会(LEAP Expo)于2019年10月10日-12日在深圳会展中心举办,来吧,跟随锐科激光一起,参与到华南智能制造产业链业界精英们的这次狂欢中。

LEAP Expo 2109 was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from October 10th to 12th. Come and join us to feel carnival in the smart manufacturing industry chain in South China. 



Raycus presented the foreword technology and solutions for laser processing in various industries such as electronics, automobiles, metals, molds, ships, and home appliances at booth 2E78.


With the development of manufacturing industry in South China, the rich application resources of the regional electronics and automotive industries, including metal processing, molds, home appliances, communications and other industries are growing fast as well. At Raycus booth, we have gathered laser solutions for multi-industrial manufacturing such as cutting, welding, cladding, 3D printing, marking, and fine machining.



Full-range of CW Fiber Lasers


The single module CW fiber laser applies to many application scenarios including cutting, welding, holing, medical device processing, etc., with a narrow seam of the cut sheet and bright section. Compared with same lasers, it has obvious advantages. 



The multi-module CW fiber laser can be widely applied in welding, precision cutting, melting and cladding, surface processing, 3D printing and other fields. Its optical output performance helps it better integrate with robots as a flexible manufacturing equipment to meet 3D processing requirement.



QCW Fiber Laser


The QCW fiber laser series with higher electro -optical conversion efficiency, better optical quality and lower maintenance cost, is a perfect alternative of existing light-pumped YAG laser.


Full-range of Pulsed Fiber Lasers


The Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser Series can be widely applied in the fields such us marking, precision processing, graphic engraving of non-metal, gold, silver, copper, and aluminum with altitude stress resistance, stainless materials without altitude stress resistance. 



The short pulse fiber laser is the ideal for industrial applications in the field of solar photovoltaic, thin film cutting, sheet material cutting, welding, surface cleaning of materials, fine marking and material deepening, etc. 



The high-power pulsed fiber lasers are the ideal products for mold surface treatment, automobile manufacture, shipping industry, petrochemical industry and tire manufacture, etc. 







During the same period, many lectures and forums were held. In the national laser safety training class held on the 10th, Raycus engineer Gong Junming was invited to be the theme report of "Fiber Laser Production and Safety", on the types and possibilities of laser radiation. The relevant knowledge points such as the damage caused, the laser safety standards, and the effective measures that can be taken in laser safety protection are taught in all directions.



At the International Advanced Laser Innovation Technology Forum, Dr. Ren Hongyan, the deputy general manager of Gauss Laser, was invited to share the speech on the "Precision Machining Application of Ultraviolet Picosecond Lasers", which comprehensively introduced the series of UV picosecond ultrafast lasers and typical applications of GAUSS LASERS.


激光应用成果、更多的创新产品、现场演示以及解决方案,一切让我们尽在2019 LEAP Expo锐科激光展位邀您一同体验。

The results of laser applications, more innovative products, live demonstrations and solutions, let’s see together together at the 2019 LEAP Expo.






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