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Before 2016


The industrial application of laser cleaning has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. Based on the fact that laser cleaning in China was still dominated by academic institutions at that time, the key core component lasers also needed to be imported from abroad, and the related industrial chain was lacking. Therefore, domestic laser cleaning products and the market needed more polishing.


In 2016


Starting from zero, Raycus has cooperated with integrators to continuously research, develop and improve. After several rounds of self-iteration from the research and development of special cleaning lasers and the independent design of cleaning heads, it developed the first domestic laser cleaning machine.


While the market was still on the sidelines of laser cleaning, Raycus and integrators had sold 10+ units of 100W cleaning machines. The market feedback gave us greater confidence.



The first 100W domestic cleaning machine it was a breakthrough


In 2017


Raycus has promoted the application of laser cleaning to the field of mold cleaning, especially in the field of tire mold cleaning, which is more advantageous than other brands. The 200-300W cleaning special laser has been unanimously recognized by the market.


Tire mold cleaning application


In 2018


Raycus has increased the research and development of special cleaning lasers, and the power has been increased to 500W. The first 500W cleaning machine jointly developed with an integrator was applied to the body paint removal of an internationally renowned car company, which was highly recognized, and then an additional 3 units were added. It marks the beginning of the competition between domestic laser cleaning and international laser brands. At present, the 500W cleaning machine has been widely used in automobile manufacturing and high-speed mold cleaning.


In 2019


As soon as Raycus 1000W pulsed cleaning fiber laser was launched, it immediately carried out process research and development. Currently, the 1000W high-power pulse cleaning equipment built in cooperation with domestic customers has been used in the cleaning of large-scale nuclear power plants.

Raycus and integrators jointly developed the first domestic laser cleaning equipment for automobile engine parts and put it into production, making a great technological brakthrough and assisting the formulation of the National Sixth Standard.



From 2018 to 2019


In response to the efficiency problem of laser cleaning of thick paint layers, Raycus concentrated on research and development, the first domestic composite cleaning, combining the advantages of pulsed fiber lasers and fiber delivered direct diode fiber lasers, after 2 years of continuous verification and optimization, finally achieved 1+1>2 The cleaning effect is improved several times.



Raycus composite cleaning patent certificate


From 2019 to 2020


Raycus and Hangzhou CRRC have jointly developed and created a high-speed rail wheelset composite cleaning automation solution based on the composite cleaning process technology. It has been used in the subway and high-speed rail fields and has been unanimously recognized by end customers.


At the same time, composite cleaning is also in-depth research and development with integrator customers in the fields of ship paint stripping, large-scale infrastructure, aerospace and aviation, etc., and constantly challenge themselves to make laser cleaning create more possibilities for Chinese manufacturing.


In 2020


2000W was launched, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, realizing the highest power of domestically produced pulsed laser for cleaning, reaching the international leading level.



2000W high power meter pulsed laser for cleaning


From 2015 to 2020, Raycus has realized the field of laser cleaning from 0 to 1 in the Chinese market in 5 years. Raycus relying on solid technology accumulation and concentrated research and development with partners, it has finally been applied in many industries and has been recognized by many customers. From 0 to N, it has witnessed the rapid rise of Chinese laser cleaning market.


In the future, Raycus is willing to jointly develop and explore more possibilities and unlimited prospects for laser cleaning applications with manufacturing fields of various industries.

Derusting of locomotive wheel axles




High-speed rail derusting


Cleaning before inspection of bogie welds



Airport runway cleaning



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