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Today, Raycus professional process engineers and after-sales engineers come to many user companies applying Raycus lasers. While maintaining and optimizing the debugging for users' laser equipment, understand their experience of use and listen to their hopes for domestic brands.


“"I have already recommended it to my fellow friends"”


Wuhan Guanglianfa Laser Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guanglianfa") is an enterprise mainly engaged in laser electromechanical equipment, structural parts processing, agricultural environmental protection equipment processing, and accessory processing. Because most of the customers for machining parts come from overseas, they have higher requirements for machining consistency, machining accuracy and section quality, so the selection of laser processing equipment is more stringent.


Reduce labor costs and increase work efficiency

From the traditional processing methods of water cutting and plasma cutting to later switching to laser cutting equipment, the processing accuracy, work efficiency, and cutting section have been significantly improved. The renewal of technology and the development of craftsmanship have made Guanglianfa's production of sheet metal parts a qualitative change.




If the change in processing methods is a qualitative leap, then the increase from 4000W to 15000W is a huge quantitative change in work efficiency. According to Mr. Wang, the current workpiece thickness is between 6mm-20mm. With the increase in business volume and the demand for thick plate cutting, Guanglianfa purchased the Raycus 15000W fiber laser based on the original 4000W imported. The biggest benefit is the cutting time and efficiency improvement, the cutting section is smoother, which can meet the requirements of different customers, reduces labor costs, saves follow-up grinding time, work efficiency has been greatly improved, and customers are also very satisfied with the processing results.



Trust Raycus

Willing to grow with Chinese brands


When talking about why to choose domestic brands, General Manager Wang of Guanglianfa said that in recent years, domestic products have risen, and domestic substitution is the general trend. "Especially whether the light source of the laser cutting machine is domestic or imported. I tried to know more, and in the end, it was also recommended by my colleagues. I finally chose to support domestic production and choose Raycus as the leading brand of domestic fiber lasers." As far as the current situation is concerned, whether it is performance or faster service speed, he is very relieved.



Guanglianfa is equipped with Raycus 15000W fiber laser cutting equipment


At present, in Guanglianfa, in addition to domestic brands for lasers and cutting machines, many spare parts are also domestic brands. Mr. Wang said that compared with foreign brands, domestic brands have little difference in stability and can meet processing needs. "I have recommended Raycus and HGTECH equipment to friends in the industry." In the next step, Mr. Wang plans to purchase higher-power equipment while also planning to purchase equipment for applications such as laser welding, and continues to use domestic brands as his first choice.



"Use less, more stable"

Wuxi Hongruida Metal Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongruida") is mainly engaged in the cutting of 6-30mm carbon steel and stainless steel. 


Choose Raycus

Save money and worry


Hongruida purchased a 6000W machine of a foreign brand before, but after the extended warranty period, Mr. Xu's troubles also followed. The investment in the machine is difficult to estimate once it is broken, and the annual maintenance cost alone requires nearly 100,000.


Mr. Xu purchased a 12000W laser cutting machine from Penta Laser in May this year, equipped with Raycus 12000W fiber laser as the core light source. Not only is the input cost lower than that of foreign brands, but the maintenance and after-sales costs are also extremely low, saving money and worry.




Hongruida is equipped with Raycus 12000W fiber laser cutting equipment


Choose domestic brand

Believe in the strength of Raycus


With the use of Raycus 12000W, Mr.Xu not only praised the use of "saving", but also the "stable" use. "So far, the machine has been used for 7*24 hours without stopping without any problems, showing super stability."

Not blindly obsessed with imported brands, standing on the trend of the rise of domestic brands, Mr. Xu said, “Choose domestic products and believe in the strength of big brands, so choose the combination of Pentium + Ruike. From the perspective of cutting effect and efficiency, they are very satisfied. We are very at ease, and the facts have proved that the original choice was correct."







Raycus process engineers assisted in debugging the machine on site 


"I have more confidence in taking orders"


Wuhan LQ company, the main cutting materials are 6-16mm thick carbon steel and stainless steel. The person in charge, Mr.Geng, is always a senior entrepreneur in the steel processing industry and has more than 30 years of rich experience in the industry.


3 days' workload, 4 hours to complete


According to Mr.Geng, the products cut by plasma in the past will be deformed and need to be processed again later, with low precision and low efficiency. When people in the same industry were still using traditional methods such as punching, plasma, and flame cutting, he found that laser cutting could solve many problems that traditional processing could not handle, so he chose to purchase the first 3000W cutting equipment.


"After the first laser cutting machine was put into use, I felt deeply that the traditional processing required 3 days to complete the workload. The laser cutting machine took only 4 hours to complete, and the effect was better than traditional technology. It has subverted the previous industry cognition and improved efficiency while also improving the accuracy of products, which made customers very satisfied." In order to meet the greater production demand, Mr. Geng decisively purchased a Penta 12000W cutting equipment, and chose Raycus 12000W fiber laser as the light source, becoming the first company in the surrounding companies to have a laser cutting capacity of more than 10,000 watts. Seeing that more and more roads and bridges are constructed using high-quality steel molds cut out of their own, Mr. Geng is also extremely honored for his contribution to China's infrastructure construction.




LQ company is equipped with Raycus 12000W fiber laser cutting equipment 



High precision, low cost, significantly improved production capacity


According to Mr.Geng, after using laser cutting equipment, not only the cutting capacity and production efficiency are greatly improved, but the cutting quality and accuracy are also significantly improved. "Previously, plasma cutting can only be accurate to millimeters, but after laser cutting, it can be accurate to wire (1 wire ≈ 0.01 mm). The increase in processing accuracy will not only greatly reduce the cost of manual polishing in the later stage, shorten the production cycle, but also improve competitiveness. ", Mr.GENG said. Now the products processed by laser cutting can directly enter the inspection link, with small deformation, high precision, and smooth cutting surface. Compared with the traditional processing mode, it has obvious advantages and has more confidence in receiving orders.




For many people's concerns, whether the use of laser cutting will cost too much, Mr. Geng also calculated an account: now the monthly electricity bill is the same as the previous plasma cutting, but the production capacity has increased by 20%; equipment The cost of maintenance consumables has also been reduced from the original 3000 yuan per month to the current 200 yuan per month; the traditional processing mode requires multiple different equipment such as shears, milling machines, punches, and plasma cutting machines. It can be done with a laser cutting machine, which greatly reduces the investment and expenditure on equipment, saves floor space, and greatly reduces potential safety hazards.


Raycus Laser is willing to join hands with Chinese laser companies

Continuous development of Made in China

In the world of laser processing

Show our strong Chinese power


Thanks to HGTECH, Penta Laser, GN Laser, Guanglianfa, Hongruida, and LQ for their strong support for this event. The next Raycus Gratitude Visit , we We will continue to visit more high-end welding, cleaning and cladding companies to witness the irreplaceable power of laser in various industries.


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