Raycus Gratitude Visit | How big is the laser cleaning market in the future?
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The research of laser cleaning technology started in the mid-1980s, and began to be industrialized in Germany in 1997. Compared with traditional cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has great advantages in terms of automation integration, economic benefits, cleaning effects, and environmental protection.


It is precisely because of the advantages of laser cleaning that a team led by a number of overseas PhDs has entered the domestic laser cleaning industry without hesitation. Today we will take a look at the path they took to focus on laser cleaning


Laser cleaning is widely used and convenient to use


Shenzhen HYDRO Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " HYDRO LASER") focuses on the research and development of laser cleaning and insists on driving products with research and development. Currently, it has a variety of laser cleaning systems from 50W to 2000W.





HYDRO LASER 1000W cleaning machine


According to General Manager Mr.Jin of HYDRO LASER, the laser cleaning products of HYDRO LASER have been used in many fields such as aerospace (aero engine parts cleaning, aircraft skin cleaning, etc.), high-speed rail (wheelset cleaning, high-speed rail surface paint removal , cleaning before and after welding, etc.), molds (automobile tire mold, tire inner wall cleaning, etc.) and other fields.


Among them, the 100W/200W nanosecond pulsed laser cleaning machine developed adopts an integrated mobile design and is only a 22-inch suitcase size, which is convenient for customers to use. At the same time, developed the world's lightest handheld and automatic dual-purpose laser head, weighing less than 2kg and can be quickly switched within 3s.


Guaranteed Brand

According to Mr.Jin, because the main technical team of HYDRO LASER studied in the UK before returning to China, the earliest choice was to cooperate with imported brands.

After returning to China, Raycus has a great brand effect in the domestic market. As the first domestic listed company with lasers as its main business, Raycus has a complete range of laser products. Through independent research and development and industrial mergers and acquisitions, it has mastered key technologies from chips to optical fibers and other core components, with product stability and high-cost performance. More importantly, after use, the end user also expresses satisfaction with the use without excessive maintenance.



Raycus Laser and Water Drop Laser into the strategic cooperation of laser cleaning



Laser cleaning is promising in the future

At present, laser cleaning applications are sprung up in China. When it comes to future development trends, Mr. Jin expressed his views, "The biggest competitor in the laser cleaning market is not the competition among peers, but laser cleaning and traditional cleaning. The competition of methods. Limited by technology and cost performance, the future laser cleaning will develop from two aspects. On the one hand, it will develop towards high-end, instead of sandblasting machines, and develop towards high power or even ultra-high power to improve the efficiency of laser cleaning; On the one hand, it is developing towards civilians, replacing angle grinders and improving the cost-effectiveness of laser cleaning."


Market demand has given birth to higher industry requirements for the laser cleaning industry. Although laser cleaning cannot completely replace traditional cleaning technology at present, with the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, laser cleaning will eventually dominate the global cleaning market. By developing new laser cleaning systems and equipment and optimizing the cleaning process, improving cleaning efficiency, reducing cleaning costs, reducing damage to the surface to be cleaned and injury to operators, realizing the green, efficient and automated metal surface cleaning process is bound to be the market in the future.


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