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Last time we introduced the basic functions of Raycus Cloud Platform. I believe you already have a general understanding. Of course, if you need a deeper understanding of its various functions and benefits, you also need to use it frequently and continue to explore.


In fact, the Raycus cloud platform can also eliminate many hidden dangers of "invisible and intangible" for you. It is these tiny details that, if not discovered and maintained early, will often lead to "catastrophe".


Real-time monitoring of

temperature, humidity, and dew point temperature


As we all knows that lasers must prevent condensation in summer, and one of the necessary conditions for formation of condensation is that the air temperature inside the laser is high and the humidity is high, and the water cooling reaches the dew point temperature.




The above figure shows the monitoring of the Raycus cloud platform's internal environmental temperature, internal environmental humidity, and current dew point temperature of the laser, allowing you to find out earlier whether the internal environment of the laser will meet the conditions for condensation. Let you make timely adjustments to the relevant parameters of the on-board air conditioner and water chiller to prevent condensation and reduce the risk of laser failure.


Real-time monitoring of

laser water flow and output optical cable water flow


As we all know, the cooling principle of the laser water cooler is to use the cold water entering the laser to take away the heat generated inside the laser. In layman's terms, it is actually a process of "boiling hot water".


If the hot water is burned more frequently, it is naturally easier to form scale, which is attached to the relatively closed water circulation path of the entire "water cooler-laser-cutting head/welding head", especially in some curved sections, which is more prone to scale. The accumulation phenomenon causes the waterway to be narrowed or even blocked, which affects the water-cooling effect, and damages these water passing devices.


However, the more water-cooling devices are often required, the more precise and the more expensive they are. Once damaged, the maintenance time is long and the cost is high.





The Raycus cloud platform has added the monitoring of the water flow of the laser and the water flow of the output optical cable to better protect your laser from failures and risks caused by the decrease of the water flow for any reason.


Moreover, these two parameters of ours don't need you to keep an eye on them. If the water flow drops to a risk threshold, the laser and cloud platform will alarm and prompt you to take corresponding actions to avoid greater damage.


//Cooling water check, filter clean ///Reminder


1. Every other week, check whether the water level of the water cooler meets the requirements, and clean the dust on the air inlet filter of the water cooler.

2. Check whether the water quality of the water cooler changes (color, smell, etc.) once a month.

3. Replace the cooling water according to the water quality, and the cooling water needs to be replaced once at the longest three months. According to the water quality, check whether the filter is blocked (laser water inlet filter, water cooler filter), check whether the water cooler filter element is polluted, and the water cooler filter element needs to be replaced every six months at the longest.


We look forward to your experience with more functions of Raycus Cloud Platform; more benefits, we look forward to your discovery.

Raycus Laser, leading domestic fiber lasers into the "cloud era"!



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