Must-know information | Laser Spring Festival maintenance, this is the right thing to do
Date:2021-02-05Source:Original article

The New Year means the start of a new journey. In this Spring Festival, whether you are celebrating the New Year on the spot or returning to your hometown for reunion, please be sure to take precautions against lasers and your plant during this time when safety accidents occur frequently.




1 Keep away from fire and water

Please place your laser equipment away from water and fire sources, away from flammable and explosive materials, and do not place corrosive materials close to the equipment.

2 Cut off the power supply air circuit

To ensure safety during the holiday season, please be sure to turn off or disconnect the power supply of the laser equipment and ancillary equipment to ensure that hidden circuit hazards are eliminated, and the equipment is separated from the air circuit to ensure the safety of the equipment.

3 Anti-theft measures

Close the windows, lock the door, properly store your equipment and materials, or arrange for personnel on duty to increase anti-theft measures

4 Storage environments

Pay attention to the storage environment of the device, and avoid low temperature, high temperature, high humidity, and excessive dust that may cause damage to the device.

5 Replace the antifreeze

Replace the antifreeze with a higher safety factor to prevent damage to the laser equipment when freezing or ice flows in the waterway.

6 Drain the coolant

After the equipment is out of service, it is recommended to drain the coolant in the equipment according to the drainage requirements in the antifreeze recommendations, use compressed dry air to dry the circulating water channels and close the water inlets and outlets to prevent unintentional entry of water.


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