Strikes out in many fields, Raycus adds energy to China's high-end manufacturing
Date:2021-03-10Source:Original article

10,000 watt breakthrough, the era of high power is coming



● As of February, the cumulative sales of 10,000-watt laser products exceeded 800;

● In 2020, the number of 10,000-watt laser products sold will increase by 543% year-on-year;

● In 2020, Raycus sales of 6000W and above high-power lasers will increase by 224% year-on-year;

● Break through technical barriers and launch an industrial-grade 10000W single-module fiber laser with 100% independent research and development of optical components;

● Raycus 30000W fiber lasers delivered the first batch of domestic terminals;


Welding weapon, develop high-end intelligent manufacturing





● Sales of welding applications increased by 152%;

● Three major welding weapons appeared one after another: blue fiber output semiconductor laser, high-power fiber laser with shutter, high-power fiber laser with adjustable beam mode;

● Self-developed and self-produced welding weapon beam tunable fiber laser, solving welding applications in the lithium battery industry, and becoming a powerful model in the field of battery manufacturing and high-end welding;

● High-power laser welding technology began to be applied to the fields of machinery, automobile body and parts manufacturing, metallurgical industry, electronics, chemical industry, medical equipment, aerospace and packaging; 


Laser cleaning, the market is too big for you to imagine



● In 2020, the number of sales of high-power pulse cleaning lasers will exceed 470+;

● 2000W high-power pulsed cleaning special laser was launched, making a great technological breakthrough, realizing the highest power of domestically-made pulsed lasers for cleaning, reaching the international leading level;

● Raycus and Hangzhou CRRC have jointly developed and created a high-speed rail wheel-set composite cleaning automation solution based on the composite cleaning process technology. It has been used in the subway and high-speed rail fields and has been unanimously recognized by end customers;

● Composite cleaning is also in-depth research and development with integrator customers in the fields of ship paint stripping, large-scale infrastructure, aerospace and aviation, etc., and constantly challenge themselves to make laser cleaning create more possibilities for Chinese manufacturing;


Ultrafast laser, open up potential application areas




● Launched 2mJ high-energy infrared picosecond laser, 40W dual-channel ultraviolet picosecond laser, 30W infrared femtosecond laser and other new products;

● Actively explore new applications: glass welding, precise and fast cutting of thick glass, high-precision processing, colorful marking, etc. Provide more precise, more efficient and higher quality processing methods;


2021 Raycus ready to start

With laser manufacturing

New products, new applications, new solutions come

Committed to adding energy to China's manufacturing

Coming soon at the LASER World of PHOTONICTICS CHINA in Shanghai

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