Splash nemesis! How to solve the welding problem perfectly?
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Laser welding

Has become more and more widespread

Applied in various fields

Compared to traditional welding

Laser welding has higher efficiency, higher precision and better results

And easier to automate and intelligently integrate

There will be considerable room for development in laser welding in the future

High-end alternative, Raycus first

To meet the higher requirements of laser welding

Raycus Laser continues to innovate and break through

Raycus Laser independently researched and developed a beam adjustable high-power fiber laser. Once it was launched, it got a great response in the industry, and many customers began to place orders after testing.

This year, Raycus Laser launched a complete series of beam-tunable high-power fiber laser products, making a variety of different models to meet different application requirements.


The inevitable splash problem is one of the biggest pain points in the welding process. A narrow keyhole is formed by ordinary laser welding. Such a keyhole is unstable and is very prone to spatter, and even produces pores, which affect the formation of the weld.

Use beam adjustable high-power fiber laser for welding, use ring core beam to open the keyhole, and at the same time use the center beam to increase the penetration depth, forming a large and stable keyhole, which can effectively suppress the generation of spatter.

Raycus's self-developed multi-core fiber can couple the lasers of different optical modules into the center and ring cores of the multi-core fiber through the beam combiner to realize the output of the ring light spot. The user can independently adjust the power of the center core and the ring core through the upper computer software.


At present, Raycus beam adjustable high-power fiber lasers can achieve 5 different spot combinations: the first type only uses the power of the center core, and the second type only uses the power of the open loop core. If the center and ring cores are turned on at the same time, it can be centered. The core power is greater than the ring core power, or the center core power is less than the ring core power, or the center core power is equal to the ring core power.

From the metallographic analysis point of view, if only the center core power is turned on, the shape of the weld is an I shape, and the penetration depth is good but the penetration width is not enough; if only the ring core power is opened, the penetration width is better but the penetration depth is not enough, and the weld is U shape; if the power of the center core and the power of the ring core are turned on at the same time, the penetration depth and penetration width are very ideal, and the weld is T-shaped.



From the welding comparison video below, it can be seen that the spattering of ordinary lasers is very serious during welding, while the use of lasers with adjustable beams will form a plasma cloud during the welding process, with almost no spattering.

From the comparison of welding forming, the use of beam tunable lasers (center and ring core powers are 2kW and 4kW respectively) and the ordinary 6kW welding effect, the weld surface is smoother and smoother, and the penetration depth is deeper, and the molten pool is wider.



At present, the application advantages of beam tunable lasers in the lithium battery industry are very obvious.

● The sealing and welding speed of square battery can reach 350mm/s, which is 43% faster than the ideal speed in the industry of 200mm/s

● The sealing and welding time of cylindrical battery is about 0.9s/piece

● The welding of the adapter piece can achieve a welding speed of 150mm/s, and the welding seam width> 2mm

● Welding of the side plate of the module, the welding speed exceeds 80mm/s, and the connection width of the overlapping surface of the overlap welding joint> 2mm

● The surface of the weld is smoother and smoother, and the penetration depth is deeper, and the molten pool is wider
















To solve the welding spatter problem, greatly improve the welding quality, and the welding seam quality is higher and more beautiful. Raycus's RFL-ABP adjustable beam mode laser is bound to become a powerful model in the field of battery manufacturing and high-end welding.

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