Laser technology empowers the development of automobile manufacturing
Date:2021-06-04Source:Original article




In the Raycus exhibition hall, Li Jie led SAIC GM's Wuhan North Plant to watch the live demonstration of laser cutting and laser cleaning, and introduced the application cases of fiber lasers in the automobile manufacturing industry. The leader of SAIC GM Wuhan North Plant stated that the current GM system has implemented laser projects, and Raycus is the leader in domestic lasers, and hopes to work with Raycus to promote the localization of laser equipment within the GM system.





With the transformation and upgrading of  manufacturing industry, the requirements of many industries for product quality continue to increase. Under this background, the penetration rate of laser applications in many industries continues to rise, especially in the processing and manufacturing of metal materials and parts. The rate is at a relatively high level. Among them, the automobile industry has become an important application market and has begun to gradually use domestic light sources.

In applications such as new energy lithium battery manufacturing, body-in-white welding, and pre-welding cleaning, laser, as an important link in the manufacturing process, has also ushered in development opportunities. With the continuous improvement of the performance of domestic lasers and the need for large-scale manufacturing to reduce costs, the opportunity for domestic fiber lasers to replace imports has come.







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