Raycus Starts the National Process Service Tour: the Third Stop-Changge
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Changge City is the main metal processing place in the Central Plains Economic Zone, with more than 1000 sheet metal processing enterprises in this city. The laser cutting equipment covers almost all brands in the country, but more than 90% of the laser sources are Raycus lasers.


That is to say, for every 10 laser cutting machines bought in Changge City, at least 9 are Raycus lasers.


There must be some deeper and more essential reasons behind such achievements, in addition to excellent quality, strict process and reasonable price.


3 hours VS 15 minutes

The benefit has doubled and redoubled

Customer 1: Changge Changji laser cutting Co., Ltd., 3 sets of GNLASER cutting machines+ Raycus lasers


Raycus laser: what opportunity made you choose this laser cutting industry?


Wang Peichao (general manager of Changji Laser): I started to join the laser cutting industry from 2018. At that time, few people used laser cutting machines. In 2018, I purchased the first 6000W GNLASER and Raycus equipment. Because of good revenue, I purchased another 20000W machine at the end of last year and another 12000W in March this year.


Raycus laser: how about benefit improvement and revenue growth after using 10000W laser?


Wang Peichao: at present, the benefits have doubled and redoubled. In the past, it took three hours to cut a board. Now it can be cut with 20kw fiber laser only in more than ten minutes.


Raycus laser: when choosing laser, what do you think of the choice of brand?


Wang Peichao: we chose Raycus brand because of domestic laser brand and our GNLASER cutting machine equipped with Raycus’s  professional device and excellent technology. Raycus laser is indeed stable. We have also visited GNLASER plants and workshops. Compared with many manufacturers in the same industry, GNLASER and Raycus are very professional with complete and considerate service.


Raycus laser: do you have any specific plans for our enterprise in the future?


Wang Peichao: because there are many orders now, and customers still have very big demands. It is possible to buy a 20000W or 30000W laser cutting machine this year or next year. Of course, we still choose GNLASER laser cutting equipment equipped with Raycus laser.


Wanwa laser seizes the market opportunity

Double improvement of quality and efficiency


Customer 2: Changge Zhongzhi metal products Co., Ltd., 1 set of Penta laser cutting machine + Raycus laser


Raycus laser: what prompted you to upgrade your equipment?


Zhang Yongtao (general manager of Zhongzhi Metal Product): I bought the first 6000W in 2018. At that time, I thought that the cutting capacity and scope of 6000W were OK. After two years, I found that most machines were high-power cutting machines on the market, and many orders could not be received, so I wanted to buy another 10000W laser cutting machine. 


Raycus laser: Why did you finally choose Raycus 20000W laser?


Zhang Yongtao: I originally planned to buy 12000W. But during the discussion, I found that 15000W was also on the market. Then I soon found that Raycus 20000W technology was also very mature. At the beginning, I didn't have confidence in this high-power equipment, because at that time no one in Henan had bought 20000W. Therefore, I had to talk to operators using Penta 20000W in other places and they said that there was no problem and they used it very well. Finally, I made up my mind to buy a 20000W Penta laser cutting machine equipped with Raycus laser, which is also the first Penta 20000W laser cutting machine in Henan.


Raycus laser: is there any obvious change after using a 10000W laser?


Zhang Yongtao: the improvement of speed and efficiency is obvious.For example, it takes four hours to cut a board with 6000W. Now, using Penta + Raycus's 20000W can save half the time, which doubles the efficiency, and ensures the customer's delivery cycle. In the past, the customer only urged them every day and they need to wait in the factory. Now compared with 6 hours spent in the past, it only takes 2 hours and 24 minutes to complete customers’ orders.

In addition, after using 10000W, the quality of all devices required is higher, and all components can be directly made into finished products without reprocessing, which saves a lot of labor costs.


Raycus laser: do you have any specific plans for our enterprise in the future?


Zhang Yongtao: 30000W laser will become a general trend in the future. We have also inspected the first 30000W equipment of Penta + Raycus. At present, the area of my plant here is 1800 ㎡, and the equipment placement has been planned. Now we plan to 20000W machine to try on at the beginning. After stable use for a period of time, the upgrade will catch up immediately.


Low cost and excellent effect

More in line with customers’ requirements

Customer 3: Changge Kecai Machinery Co., Ltd., 3 Penta laser cutting machines + Raycus lasers


Raycus laser: what are the existing laser cutting equipment?


Qiao Zhiyang (general manager of Kecai Machinery): he has been engaged in the laser cutting industry since 2015. At present, there are four sets of equipment, one 1000W, one 2000W and one 3000W, and one 12000W this year. In the past, 24 hours a day were took to rush goods. Now we only need to spend 14 hours a day to complete orders which obviously improved the efficiency.


Raycus laser: what is the cutting capacity of the existing lasers?


Qiao Zhiyang: we mainly process some materials with a thickness of 4-12mm. After using 10000W laser cutting machine, the difference is from 1 hour to 15 minutes, and the speed is increased by 2-3 times. The high-power cutting machine has low cost and high quality, which is more in line with the requirements of customers.


Raycus laser: when did you start to know Raycus?


Qiao Zhiyang: we started to know Raycus laser from 2016. Our peers say that Raycus's laser has good effect, stability and high cost performance, but I believe in my own using experience. It's good to use it well. No problem occurs after using Raycus laser. It is very stable. Even if you need consultation and maintenance, Raycus can respond quickly and provides good service, so I bought three sets in succession.


Customer 4: Wang Lin Metal Processing, 1 set of Penta laser cutting machine + Raycus laser 

Customer 5: Changge Hengpu Machinery Co., Ltd., 1 set of Penta laser cutting machine + Raycus laser


Customer Visit Tour in Changge makes us realize that the market changes rapidly and customers have a strong demand for equipment upgrading. However, what remains unchanged is to operate in good faith, make products and services in a down-to-earth manner, which is also the reached consensus between us and customers. 


As a manufacturing industry, customers and we are teachers as well as friends. "China Intelligent Manufacturing" needs the joint efforts of several generations. In this process, customers’ feedback, encouragement and recognition are very important. Raycus is willing to work with customers to build its own high-quality laser for Chinese enterprises.



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