Raycus Titling the "Chinese Industry Product" Award
Date:2018-12-18Source:Original article

Raycus Titling the "Chinese Industry Product" Award


Dr Yan Dapeng stepped into the Great Hall of People in Beijing. On behalf of Raycus, as the vice Chairman and Chief Engineer of the company, Dr Yan received the nominated award which titled Raycus Fiber Laser as the “Chinese Industry Product” in the Chinese Industry Award Ceremony on Dec. 9th, 2018.



The Certificate of the Chinese Industry Award


The Chinese Industry Award is established under the instructions of the Party Central Committee and permitted by the State Council. It is the China's highest industrial award and widely considered as the Chinese industrial Oscar Award.


Mr Li Yizhong, the President of the China Economic Association highly praised the awarded companies and projects, expressing that under the new economic environment and new circumstances, those awarded companies and people did great contribution in promoting supply-side structural reform, transformation and upgrading, innovation and creation, quality brand, green development, deep integration of two industries, open cooperation, human resources development and cultural construction fields. He also complimented the awarded companies and people as the representatives of China's industrial reform and opening up for 40 years of hard work who have been leading the industry in many ways.


This award is an absolute affirmation to Raycus on its devotion in the field of fiber laser and related applications. It also confirms the leading effects of Raycus in domestic fiber laser industry.


Raycus will continually adhere both domestic and international markets, pursue technological innovation and reliability and lead the Chinese fiber laser industry.

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