Raycus in LASER World of Photonics 2019
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The LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019 is held from June 24th -27th in Messe Munich, Germany. This fair attracts 1300 enterprises from 45 countries around the world. Within these four day, 6 exhibition hall will have more than 33,000 professional visitors. Raycus is here, with other world-famous laser companies at Booth A3.345.

Our stand locates in Hall A3, and we would like to share our latest laser technologies with visitors and friends.

Let’s review the wonderful moments in the feast of the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019.


All Products Series


Single & Multi Module CW Fiber Lasers

The single module CW fiber lasers can be applied to a variety of applications: cutting, welding, piercing, additive manufacturing, medical device processing, etc. The cut sheet is narrow and the section is bright, which has obvious advantages over the same type of laser.


The Multi-module CW Fiber Lasers developed by Raycus, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high light beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, high reliability, long service life, maintenance-free operation and advantages. The product can be widely applied in welding, precision cutting, melting and cladding, surface processing, 3D printing and other fields. Its optical output performance helps it better integrate with robots as a flexible manufacturing equipment to meet 3D processing requirement.



Pulsed Fiber Laser

Short Pulse Fiber Lasers has short pulse set up time, online modifiable pulse width and other characteristics. It is ideal for industrial applications in the fields of solar photovoltaic, thin film cutting, sheet material cutting, welding, surface cleaning of materials, fine marking and material deepening, etc.

Q-switched Pulsed Fiber lasers can be widely applied in the fields such as marking, precision processing, graphic engraving of non-metal, gold, silver, copper and aluminum with anti-reflection capacity, stainless materials without anti-reflection capacity.



QCW Fiber Lasers 


The QCW fiber lasers developed by Raycus with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, better optical quality and lower maintenance cost. This product is 150W QCW fiber laser with air-cooled. This series product is a perfect alternative of existing light-pumped YAG laser.




Fiber Delivered Direct Diode Lasers


The main applications of Hundred-watt fiber delivered direct diode lasers include laser soldering and plastic laser welding.

Medium powered fiber delivered direct diode laser is mainly used for heat conduction welding with low material thickness.

High powered fiber delivered direct diode laser mainly used in hardening and cladding.




High-power Pulsed Fiber Lasers

It is ideal product for mold surface treatment, automobile manufacture, shipping industry, petrochemical industry and tire manufacture. At the exhibition site, Raycus engineers also demonstrated the application of laser descaling for everyone.


2019 China Day - International

Laser Processing Conference


On the morning of June 25th, the "2019 China Day - International Laser Processing Conference" hosted by the Laser Processing Committee of China Optical Society (C0S-LPC) was held during the exhibition. Dr. Kevin Lu, the Board Secretary and Vice President of Raycus shared the "Global Fiber Laser Industry Status and Future Challenges and Opportunities".


Talking about the challenges and opportunities in the future, Dr. Lu said frankly that the competition in the marking and cutting market will become more and more fierce; the continuous maturity of technology and the rapid increase in production capacity will lead to price wars; and the development of differentiation is not obvious. He also expresses, "Of course, the prospects for fiber lasers are still promising. In the future, more energy will be released in the fields of welding, cladding, quenching, laser cleaning, surface treatment and additive manufacturing, and fiber laser technologies will be 'smaller', 'smarter', 'simpler' and 'more efficient'."


We are devoted into providing better products as well as developing better laser technologies. We insist diligence and hardworking while expanding our international business. Reshape fiber lasers has been and always will be our goal.



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