Raycus in Qingdao
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The 22nd Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition was held at the Qingdao International Expo Center from July 18th to 22nd, 2019. It has attracted more than 100,000 professional visitors to jointly create a big show in the manufacturing industry.



Raycus showed at booth B217 in the E2 and shared the world's leading industry companies to explore the future of advanced laser manufacturing technology.


Let’s review together the exciting moments of Raycus in the Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition.




CW Fiber Lasers


The single module CW fiber lasers can be applied to a variety of applications: cutting, welding, piercing, additive manufacturing, medical device processing, etc. The cut sheet is narrow and the section is bright, which has obvious advantages over the same type of laser.



The Multi-module CW Fiber Lasers developed by Raycus, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high light beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, high reliability, long service life, maintenance-free operation and advantages. The product can be widely applied in welding, precision cutting, melting and cladding, surface processing, 3D printing and other fields. Its optical output performance helps it better integrate with robots as a flexible manufacturing equipment to meet 3D processing requirement.



QCW Fiber Lasers 


The QCW fiber lasers developed by Raycus with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, better optical quality and lower maintenance cost. This product is 150W QCW fiber laser with air-cooled. This series product is a perfect alternative of existing light-pumped YAG laser.



High-power Pulsed Fiber Lasers


It is ideal product for mold surface treatment, automobile manufacture, shipping industry, petrochemical industry and tire manufacture. At the exhibition site, Raycus engineers also demonstrated the application of laser descaling for everyone.



Fiber lasers, as the core components of laser processing equipment, are the power source for processing equipment to achieve operation. Meanwhile, a number of fiber lasers from Raycus were also exhibited at the booths of laser equipment manufacturers participating in the exhibition.




Seeing is believing, Raycus, as the leading Chinese enterprise engaged in the research, demonstrating technology-leading innovations, new and effective solutions as well as the fiber laser applications. Made in China in the laser innovation, Raycus will keep moving with the passion in Qingdao International Machine Tool exhibition.

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