30W MOPA Fiber Laser

The brand-new short-pulse fiber laser launched by Raycus has a variety of pulse width options, including high average power (20-200W), high-peak power (≤15kW) and 2-500ns variety of pulse width, adjustable repetition frequencies of 1-2000kHz, available first pulse, cw mode Customizable, online modifiable pulse width and other characteristics. It is ideal for industrial applications in the field of solar photovoltaic, thin film cutting, sheet material cutting, welding, surface cleaning of materials, fine marking and material deepening, etc.
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Characteristics Of 30W MOPA Fiber Laser

Technical characteristics
  • Uniform Control Interface
  • Wide Modulation Frequency Range
  • Variety of Pulse width
  • Customize Pulse Width
  • Available first pulse
  • High Beam Quality
  • Air Cooling System
Optical Properties
  • Nominal output power: (W): 30
  • Central wavelength: (nm): 1064
  • Repetition frequency Range(kHz): 1-2000
  • Output power instability: <3%
Output characteristics
  • Output Beam Diameter(mm): 7±1
  • M²:<1.5
  • Polarization state: random
  • Pulse Width Range(ns):2-500(Customizable)
  • Max.Single Pulse Energy(mJ):1
  • Delivery Cable length (m): 3(Customizable)
Electronic control characteristics
  • Input power (V DC ): 24
  • Power adjustment range (%): 0-100
Other characteristics
  • Dimensions (mm ): 215*95*286(handle included)
  • Cooling method: Air-cooled
  • Working temperature (℃ ): 0-40

Application of 30W MOPA Fiber Laser RFL-P30MX

  • Film Cutting
  • Anodic Aluminum Etching
  • Colorful Marking
  • Precision Marking
  • Precision Cleaning
  • Surface Heat
  • Texturing Treatment

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