70W Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser

The 20-100W Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser Series developed by Raycus is the industrial marking and micromachining laser. This series pulse laser has high peak power, high single-pulse energy and optional spot diameter and can be widely applied in the fields, such as marking, precision processing, graphic engraving of non-metal, gold, silver, copper and aluminum with altitude stress resistance, stainless materials without altitude stress resistance. Its marking process features lower cost and more stable performance compared with traditional laser.
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Characteristics Of 70W Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser

Technical characteristics
  • Highly stable laser output
  • High single-pulse energy
  • High marking efficiency
  • Short pulse setup time
  • High reliability
  • Maintenance-free operation
Optical Properties
  • Average output power: (W): 70
  • Central wavelength: (nm): 1064
  • Repetition frequency: (kHz): 60-100
  • Output power instability: <5%
Output characteristics
  • Output Beam Diameter(mm): 6m±1
  • M²:<1.6
  • Polarization state: random
  • Pulse Width Range(ns)200-240
  • Max.Single Pulse Energy(mJshio):1
  • Delivery Cable length (m): 3(Customizable)
Electronic control characteristics
  • Input power (V DC ): 24
  • Power adjustment range (%): 10-100
Other characteristics
  • Dimensions (mm ): 310*95*260
  • Cooling method: Air-cooled
  • Working temperature (℃ ): 0-40

Application of 70W Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser RFL-P70QA

  • Rust Removal
  • Oil Cleaning
  • Mold Surface Treatment
  • Paint Stripping
  • Welding Surface Pre-treatment
  • Portrait Stone Surface Treatment

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